The Band

The band

Quatro Ventos is a Portuguese-music band lead by singer-guitarist-songwriter Emanuel Pessanha. The group is active since 1996 and has strongly contributed to the build-up of an audience for fado and Portuguese-inspired music in the Netherlands. 
QV have also performed in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and the U.S.A., collaborating with artists such as Iain Matthews (UK), Rui Veloso (PT), Frank Boeijen (NL), Makis Seviloglou (GR), among many others. 
QV have released seven albums and a live-recorded DVD, in a repertoire largely made of original material, fado standards and Portuguese folksongs.

Quatro Ventos are:
Emanuel Pessanha – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Pieter Klaassen – guitars
Kristján Martinsson – piano / accordeon / alto flute
Lucien Matheeuwsen – double bass

After 20 years of work, Quatro Ventos continues to pursue new and better ways of musical expression, on a continuous process of discovery and re-invention. As Emanuel puts it “songs can be like people… they’re part of your life and then paths divert. And one day, we cross again: it’s the beginning of a new story”.

Former Quatro Ventos band members:
Wout Pennings
Servais Haanen
Bob Wisselink
Aili Deiwiks
Rafael Fraga 
Aki Spadaro